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Can you figure out this puzzle?

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2WordsJumble is a unique word puzzle game

Designed for iOS 7

2WordsJumble is designed to work beautifully on iOS 7 devices. With a beautiful design and immersive addictive gameplay, it lets you test your celebrity knowledge.

Different Game Modes

There are 2 different game modes supported. You can race against the clock and see how fast you can unscramble the celebrity name.

You can play on Infinity Mode (requires in-app purchase) which lets you take all of the time that you need.

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Runs beautifully on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Designed for iOS 7.


Over 300 puzzles in the initial version! And new free content will be added on a regular basis.

Famous People

How well do you know celebrities and famous people? Think you're up to the challenge? Some questions are easy, and some are more difficult. Think fast though, because the clock is running.


Think you know golf? This jumble set includes golf history, from its beginings in Scotland to the modern game. It tests your knowledge of players, nicknames, tournaments, and stats.

The 90s

Have fond memories of the 90s. Grunge, CDs and TV and movie personalities? Then you'll enjoy this jumble set.


Are you a fan of classic movies and TV. Are you a fan of Carey Grant, or Marilyn Monroe? Did you live through the 50s, 60s and 70s? Relive them in this classic jumble set.


Competition makes it even more fun and the game includes support for GameCenter. Beat your friends scores and make them jealous. Take the top stop on the worldwide leaderboard.


There are 4 different powerups available to you during the game that can halp you solve letters, or add time.